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Today, it has been announced that The Premier League, EFL and many other domestic leagues have collectively agreed to postpone the professional game in England until 3 April at the earliest. We have now joined a long list of other countries who have also suspended all sporting events, such as France, Spain, France, Austria, and many other European leagues. South and North America doesn’t seem so bad so far, with only Peru, USA, and Colombia cancelling games.

Due to this, there will obviously be less tips, which is out of our hands. We can’t pick games if there is nothing on. Having said that, today we still have a good selection of games – with some of our favorable leagues still being played.

If the situation gets worse, with more leagues being postponed and if you have joined us on a monthly membership recently (Beginning of March and ownards) please message us, and we will extend your membership. Please only message us if the situation gets worse though, and if we are unable to continue with tips, as at the moment, there is still a good selection of games. and tips will continue.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully all football will be back very soon!

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