How Often Do You Tip?

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We give tips almost daily – unless of course, fixtures are really poor, which isn’t too often. We’d rather not throw any old game up when fixtures are poor just for the sake of it, and risk your money. We are here to help you win money, so this is the last thing we would do. However, you can expect tips most day’s of the month.

Although we tip most day’s, we don’t always post on our Facebook page. We don’t like to post daily on Facebook as it can become repetitive for our followers, seeing us in this their newsfeeds everyday. So please don’t assume there is no tips on a certain day because we haven’t posted on Facebook.

Tips are also posted on our website way in advance to when we post on Facebook. We like to post on Facebook at peak times, such as when people are finishing work (UK time.) However, tips are typically posted on our website the evening before games start, or first thing in the morning of games, at the latest.

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