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Hi all,

There will be no tips until late May/early June, when there is more leagues back. The German league returns this weekend, but for us to continue our service successfully, we’re waiting until a number of leagues are back in action.

Therefore, membership is closed until further notice, so please don’t sign up. Our next post here will be to notify you all we’re ready to go again, so please keep a lookout.

We have unpublished our Facebook page, and we will re-publish once we’re back in action.

Please also note : If your membership has expired and/or will expire since we last tipped on the 14th of March, please message us when we do our next post to notify you all we’re back, as mentioned above. We will then add the days that you have missed, back onto your membership.

If you wish to contact us over anything, please use the contact us option on our site.

Thank you for reading, Bttstips.net

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